GulchCast: 2017.05.15 – The Day the Earth Was Hacked

This week on GulchCast, we’re discussing one of the biggest cybersecurity stories in recent memory, the massive outbreak of the self-replicating WannaCrypt0r ransomware. We’ll talk the repercussions, what caused it, and how to keep it from happening again. We’ll discuss the rumors of DHS banning mobile devices on international flights, Bitcoin’s rollercoaster week, and the new world recordholder for retweets and the chicken nuggets he did it for. All this and more, on this week’s episode of GulchCast!

GulchCast: 2017.05.08 – The Reset Button


It’s a historic episode tonight on GulchCast as we say goodbye to our live broadcasts, but don’t be getting all weepy on us. We’ve got a ton of things to talk about, including a rather nasty phishing scam that circulated last week, a massive cyberattack on one of France’s major political parties, and the latest developments in a controversial dark web sex crime case. But it’s not all doom and gloom…there’s a new OTT cable competitor on the block, we have the details. Cryptocurrency markets are absolutely exploding in value. And we’ll meet the robot that MIT thinks is the future of construction. All this and more on this episode of GulchCast!

GulchCast: 2017.04.24 – Stupid Is As Stupid Does


GulchCast returns with an all-new episode! Tonight, we’ll be talking new innovations from the credit card world that could go a long way toward keeping your data safe. Plus, a major TV network takes a huge step toward making internet TV truly viable. But first, we’re going to plumb the depths of human stupidity, with a thief busted by his own lust for gadgets, a dentist who tempted fate as well as the law, and the WORST JEANS EVER. Plus, is the web’s #1 streaming service entering the hardware world? All the details, tonight on GulchCast!