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Here’s where you’ll find links to our favorite web sites, guests we’ve featured on the program, projects we’re following, products we endorse, and much, much more!

THE 3D PRINTING NERD – Whether you’re an early adopter or just breaking into the technology, Joel Telling’s vlog is an excellent resource on the world of 3D printing. On his YouTube channel, he reviews new printers and materials, checks out awesome downloadable designs, and even has regular contests where you might even win a printer rig of your very own!

HOWARD SCOTT WARSHAW, MA, ME, LMFT – Howard Scott Warshaw was part of Atari’s in-house software design team during the height of its popularity, and the creator of the legendary 2600 cartridge “Yars’ Revenge.” He designed the infamous video game adaptation of “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial.” After leaving Atari, he became a therapist and counselor in Silicon Valley, specializing in helping tech workers deal with the stresses the industry inflicts on their lives & relationships.

THE CITY OF AMMON, IDAHO – The City of Ammon’s unique municipal fiber-optic network project is bringing ultra-high-speed internet services to local businesses and residents in one of the most unique public-private partnerships in America.

THE BACKYARD SCIENTIST – Kevin Kohler, “The Backyard Scientist,” presents fun, crazy, and exciting experiments to show viewers the strangest principles of chemistry and physics. Molten metal, dry ice, non-Newtonian fluids, propane-filled ping-pong balls…you never know what you’ll see in this mad scientist’s garden.

AIRBITZ – AirBitz is Bitcoin made easy. Available on both iOS and Android, it’s a wallet, interface for buying and selling with popular currency, and even features a directory so you can find local businesses that accept Bitcoin. And with two-factor authentication, it’s one of the most secure ways to use send and receive Bitcoin.

CLEARVOTER – ClearVoter is a new mobile & online platform that makes it easy for voters, activists, candidates and lawmakers to connect and collaborate. Send messages to like-minded citizens, gauge interest in ideas and proposals, and make it easy to get involved on every political level that interests you.

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