GulchCast: 2017.05.15 – The Day the Earth Was Hacked

This week on GulchCast, we’re discussing one of the biggest cybersecurity stories in recent memory, the massive outbreak of the self-replicating WannaCrypt0r ransomware. We’ll talk the repercussions, what caused it, and how to keep it from happening again. We’ll discuss the rumors of DHS banning mobile devices on international flights, Bitcoin’s rollercoaster week, and the new world recordholder for retweets and the chicken nuggets he did it for. All this and more, on this week’s episode of GulchCast!

Systems Worldwide Crippled in Massive Ransomware Attack
Homeland Security Considering Banning Laptops on Flights from Europe
Delta Posts New Carry-On Electronics Rules Early
Bitcoin Continues to Soar, Crosses $1,700
Teen Sets World Retweet Record, Gets a Year of Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets

Forty Six & 2 – Tool
Outside – Staind
Pixelland – Kevin MacLeod
JK Simmons as “Cave Johnson,” Portal 2 – Valve Software
Home Base Groove – Kevin MacLeod

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