GulchCast: 2017.03.13 – Spooks, Doom and Entrepreneurial Brilliance


GulchCast returns after a bit of an unplanned hiatus, catching up on some huge stories from the tech & security world. WikiLeaks presents disturbing documents from the CIA, and a legal case in California reveals the FBI was using Best Buy employees as unofficial forensics teams. We’ll talk about the likely impending doom of RadioShack. But it’s not all dark and despair…a young entrepreneur at Stanford has an awesome new concept that you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of first. All this and more tonight, on GulchCast!


WikiLeaks Releases Thousands of Pages of CIA Cyberwarfare Info

FBI Partnership with Best Buy More Extensive Than Previously Believed

RadioShack Declares Bankruptcy for Second Time, Closing Hundreds of Stores

Stanford Student Launches Campus Delivery Service for Dorm Essentials

Russian Company Builds Super-Durable 3D-Printed Houses in 24 Hours

Porn Pirate Extortionist Lawyer Rolls on Partner, Who Is Also Suspected of ADA Extortion

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