GulchCast: 2017.02.13 – …For What Ails Ya


GulchCast returns with another hour of news and talk about the latest in tech, economics and innovation! We’ll start with a little bit of free discussion, talking about the state of health care in the country, and the upsides and downsides of paying for your own illnesses. This will likely include a rant from Kenny burying CVS, so bring the popcorn. We’ll also talk about the boiling feud between Elon Musk and the UAW, Dubai and their crazy flying car scheme, the Arby’s breach and more!


Free-Market Surgery Center a Leader in Health Care Affordability

Elon Musk & Tesla In Feud with UAW After Claims by Alleged Employee

Fleet of Drone Taxis Planned For — Where Else? — Dubai

Largest Bitcoin Exchange in Venezuela Shutters After 4 More Miner Arrests

Jerk Suing Uber After iPhone App Glitch Exposes His Infidelity

Arby’s Hacked, Over 350k Credit & Debit Cards Possibly Impacted

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