GulchCast: 2017.01.16 – Snoops, Syringes & Scandals


GulchCast returns tonight talking about the past week’s biggest tech stories, and we have quite the show tonight. A major hack-for-hire firm has had a number of its web databases downloaded by a hacker vigilante, we have the details. The much-maligned makers of EpiPen have trouble on their hands in the form of a super-inexpensive alternative. Samsung is caught up in one of the most bizarre political scandals in modern history in its home nation of South Korea. And JetBlue throws down the wi-fi gauntlet with an awesome new price point: free.


CVS & Impax Laboratories Launch Cheaper EpiPen Alternative

JetBlue Now Offering Free Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi on All Flights in the Continental US

Hacker Compromises Mobile-Phone Hack-for-Hire Company, Steals 900GB of Data

First Segment of California’s High-Speed Rail Is Up To 50% Over Budget Already

Samsung Vice-Chair Targeted in Massive South Korean Corruption Probe

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