GulchCast: 2017.01.09 – CSI CES


GulchCast is back with an absolutely loaded program. We’ll talk about this past weekend’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, featuring some awesome new kid-centric products, GoPro’s relaunch of the Karma drone, Kodak’s attempt to resurrect Super 8 film and Alexa taking over the world. But perhaps the biggest story comes from the Razer booth, where some sneaky thieves have stolen two of their prototype laptops! We’ll have the latest. And speaking of Alexa, Amazon might want to rethink having voice ordering enabled by default, we’ll explain why. And Best Buy is in a bit of a tough spot, as their Geek Squad techs are being accused of going on fishing expeditions for the FBI. And of course we’ll discuss the comedic merits of bickering chatbots. All this and more coming up tonight!


UPDATED: Two “Project Valerie” Laptop Prototypes Stolen from Razer’s Booth at CES

Lego Launches New Programmable Building Line For Younger Kids, “Lego Boost”

Toy Maker Mattel Unveils Alexa-Powered Speaker/Assistant for Kids

Kodak Shows Working Prototype of New Super 8 Camera, Revives Ektachrome Film

GoPro’s Karma to Relaunch in 2017, Recalled Due to Minor Battery Issue

Chrysler Debuts Selfiemobile for Millennials, Proves Mankind Doesn’t Deserve to Survive

Over 10,000 People are Watching Two Google Home Units Argue/Flirt with Each Other Right Now

Child Accidentally Orders Dollhouse with Alexa, News Anchor Nearly Makes Things Hilariously Worse

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