GulchCast: 2016.12.19 – Yahoozled


GulchCast is back with some of the biggest stories in tech and economics and this week we’re talking about the doom of Yahoo as a BILLION user accounts are compromised, an announcement that is jeopardizing Verizon’s planned buyout of the company. If you are still using a Samsung Galaxy Note7, its days are numbered. We’ll talk Amazon’s new innovations including its first actual drone delivery and its plans to bring the gig economy to the trucking industry. And we have not one, but TWO stories about porn. No, it isn’t Friday and Liz isn’t here. All this and more tonight on GulchCast!


UPDATED: Yahoo Breaks Own Record for Largest Breach in History, Over 1 BILLION Accounts Compromised

Verizon Demands Yahoo Agree to Alter Buyout Agreement, Threatens Legal Action

UPDATED: Samsung to Remotely Brick Every Galaxy Note7 Left in the Wild

Amazon Successfully Delivers Its First Package Via Drone

Amazon Creating “Uber for Truckers” App to Connect Drivers to Shippers in Need

Copyright Lawyers Pirated Porn They Owned, Scammed Downloaders Out of $6 Million

South Carolina Lawmaker Proposes Porn-Blocker Mandate for New PCs

BBC & ITV Teaming Up for New Streaming VOD Service “Britbox”

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