GulchCast: 2016.12.05 – Revenue, Streams


GulchCast returns tonight with news from the worlds of technology, economics and security! The FBI has sweeping new snooping powers, we’ll discuss the implications. The IRS wants a look at your Bitcoin records, and the San Francisco Muni Metro is held hostage! But it’s not all bad news, as AT&T, Netflix & Amazon launch new products and features, and you’ll hear all about them. This and more, coming up tonight on GulchCast!


FBI Hacking Powers Expanded Despite Bipartisan Opposition

Federal Court Authorizes “John Doe” Search of Coinbase

San Francisco MTA Payment System Held Hostage by Ransomware

Extortionist Behind SFMTA Ransomware Hacked by White-Hat Researcher

AT&T Launches DIRECTV NOW Cable-Over-IP Service

Netflix Launches Offline Viewing for Select Programs

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