GulchCast: 2019.02.13 – Spying Apps, Facebook Growth, Bezos, The World Record Egg & More

GulchCast returns with the news in tech & economics and we’re leading with more app store trouble for Apple, this time with well-known apps spying on users without disclosing it. We’ll talk Facebook’s record growth, Jeff Bezos’ feud with the Enquirer, plus this week’s Good News In Tech and much, much more!

App Spying Woes

Many popular iPhone apps secretly record your screen without asking •

Apple tells app developers to disclose or remove screen recording code •

Google Play caught hosting an app that steals users’ cryptocurrency •

Facebook Growth

Facebook’s first 15 years were defined by user growth •

Facebook Beefs Up Its Blockchain Efforts With Startup Hires – CoinDesk •

Spotify Crackdown

Spotify will now suspend or terminate accounts it finds are using ad blockers •

Bezos/Enquirer Feud

No thank you, Mr. Pecker •

Good News In Tech

Meet the Creator of the Egg That Broke Instagram •

Egypt’s greatest diva: the team behind perfecting the hologram for Umm Kulthum •

Dream of the ’90s Is Alive on the ‘Captain Marvel’ Website •

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