GulchCast: 2019.01.31 – Shuttle Anniversaries, Data Privacy Day, Chinese Debt Shaming

Michelle & Kenny return with a new episode on the anniversary week of both the Challenger & Columbia tragedies, which they tell their memories of and discuss the impact of. There’s talk about Data Privacy Day and the history and evolution of data privacy in the age of the internet, including China’s frightening “dept-shaming” program. Plus all the good news in tech to finish off the show!

Challenger & Columbia Anniversaries

This Day in History: Challenger space shuttle explosion kills seven • ABC13

Data Privacy

11 Expert Takes On Data Privacy Day 2019 You Need To Read • Forbes

China Starts “Debt Shaming”: New App Warns Users If They Are Walking Near Someone In Debt • Zero Hedge

Google and Ad Industry Accused of “Massive” Abuse of Intimate Personal Data • Fortune

Fake News

Microsoft Edge mobile browser will warn users about fake news • Mashable

Good News In Tech

Amazon debuts its adorable delivery robot called Scout • CNBC

A quarter of U.S. freelancers prefer to be paid in crypto, and here’s why you should too • Dex

Walmart is hiring hundreds of truck drivers and paying them close to $90,000 a year • CNBC

Pepsi, Nestle, and more will test reusable packaging subscription service • The Verge

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