GulchCast: 2019.01.25 – Massive Credential Leak, Consumer Protections, The Rise of Streaming

Michelle & Kenny return with a new episode examining the huge credential dump recently posted online and why it may not be as worrying as the media makes it out to be. Online consumer protection laws in the US and abroad are discussed, along with recent developments with Netflix & Hulu, and a look as always at the Good News In Tech! All this and more on this episode of GulchCast!


Mother of All Breaches Exposes 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords • Gizmodo

The ‘Biggest EVER’ Collection of Hacked Passwords Is Not That Bad • Motherboard


Facebook may be hit with “record-setting fine” by FTC, report says • Ars Technica

French data protection watchdog fines Google $57 million under the GDPR • TechCrunch

Youth-run agency AIESEC exposed over 4 million intern applications • TechCrunch

A Twitter bug exposed some Android users’ protected tweets for years • The Verge

Russia tries to force Facebook and Twitter to relocate servers to Russia • Ars Technica

Google Threatens Pulling News From EU as Disastrous Copyright Legislation Flounders • Gizmodo


Netflix adds 8.8M paid subscribers globally, says it now accounts for 10 percent of US TV screen time • TechCrunch

Netflix Is About to Cost You More Money • Gizmodo

Hulu now has more subscribers than Comcast, the biggest cable company in the US • BGR

Thanks to Hulu, Disney lost $580 million last fiscal year • TechCrunch

YouTube bans dangerous pranks • Mashable


The Motorola Razr is coming back as a smartphone • Ars Technica

Spotify will soon let you mute and block artists • The Verge

Starship deploys autonomous delivery bots on a college campus • TechCrunch

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