TSA Now Requiring Separate Screening for Nearly Every Gadget You Carry

The Transportation Safety Administration has announced new screening procedures to be launched nationwide requiring any electronic device larger than a cell phone be screened in a separate bin in the carry-on checkpoint.

The policy, which had been in effect in a test at 10 airports, has apparently caused enough fury, delays and misery to meet the TSA’s gold standard.

From The Verge:

So what sort of electronics is the TSA singling out with this new policy? According to acting administrator Huban Gowadia, the following electronics will now need to ride down the conveyor belt solo: laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld game consoles. Noticeably absent from the list? Those idiosyncratic gadgets that seem to fall somewhere between phone and tablet that we annoyingly call phablets.

The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the TSA, didn’t have a good answer on phablets back in March when it announced a ban on carry-on laptops and tablets on direct flights from eight Muslim-majority countries. The department referred questions about phablets to the airlines, who were unable to comment. A spokesperson for the TSA did not immediately respond to a question about phablets.

Interestingly, anyone who participates in the agency’s “Precheck” program will be exempted from the separate-item screenings at 200 participating airports, for the nominal fee of $85 for 5 years. Which, if not operated by a department of the federal government, would be considered racketeering.

The full release with details on the new screening policy is online at the official TSA web site. It has not yet been posted to the official Rubbermaid web site.

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