Did the NSA Get Hacked?

A hacking collective calling themselves “The Shadow Brokers” appears to have compromised the systems of “Equation Group,” which evidence suggests may, in fact, be part of the NSA’s cyberwarfare assets.

Gizmodo reports that the group posted a large document dump which allegedly contains information pertaining to multiple NSA hacking tools, and references codenames uncovered by Edward Snowden in his leak. The hackers claim the document dump only represents a 40% of the files they uncovered, and are auctioning off the remaining 60% to the highest bidder, with a promise that if enough money is paid that a portion of that 60% will also be publicly released.

For his part, Edward Snowden chimed in with his belief that the hack is not only genuine, but perhaps more the rule than the exception:

Snowden goes into detail in his Twitter feed regarding the NSA’s cyberwarfare policies. He speculates that one of their team probably got lazy or careless with their toolkit:

More on this story as it develops.

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